Enrique and his team offer you a range of 6 trips, from a relaxing walk and kayaking for beginners to trips for experienced kayakers. Contact-us to find out which trip is best suited to your level.

Will it be too hot?

Most of the sports activities take place in the morning. When it warms up, you are always by the sea, so naps, swimming, pottery or macramé workshops in order!

What’s the average age, how many participants?

In almost all the groups, we have a few under 25’s. Most participants are between 26 and 34 years old but there are always a few over 35. Max. number on the trips is 12 participants; exceptionally the groups have less than 8 participants.

Are trips just for fitness enthusiasts or are the more relaxed welcome?

Of course, sport is the main theme of the trip, but holidays are holidays, and we make sure that the whole trip is fun! Also, there are stops en route in the most idyllic places!

Are there showers on the touring trips?

On the kayak trips, there are frequent places to rinse off with clean water, also some trips include showers, especially in Frikès, when there’s a rest day. N.B It is possible to buy soap designed for use in sea water that is very effective. As far as the multi-sport trip is concerned, the first week of kayaking is as “chilled” as a kayak itinerary should be (showers are not to be found on a deserted beach…) but during bike touring, you are in a camp site every night.

Can batteries be recharged (phone, camera etc ...) on touring trips?

Yes, no problem, every 3 or max. 4 days in the tavernas.

I wear glasses, contact lenses, will this be a problem?

Not at all. For contact lens wearers, of course you can use fresh water to rinse them, but sunglasses are essential. Sunglasses are also essential for glasses wearers!

Will the bags follow us during the trip?

No, all equipment and personal belongings are carried on board the kayaks.

What should I pack in my 90 L suitcase on wheels?

Er .. 90L is a bit big. Don’t take too much!!!
– sun cream
– sunglasses with leash
– cap, hat
– a light weight sleeping bag (designed for 17°)
– a ground mat (inflatable if possible)
– light walking shoes (trainers, trail shoes, walking shoes)
– shoes with a sole for paddling
– a light k-way or windbreaker (90% chance you won’t need it)
Sleeping bags with built-in sleeping pads cannot be loaded into kayaks!!!
Optional equipment for comfort:
– 2 x 1 litre water bottles or camel-bag
– lycra top for paddling
– saddle cover for cycling
– soap for sea water
– flippers, mask and snorkel
– hammock
– bike gloves, but not advised for kayaking (irritation can occur from the seams rubbing)
– stock of t-shirts
– 1 evening outfit (reggae style) wild camping
– max. 2 reasonable evening outfits for the end of the trip and for the return journey
– The rest does not need to be detailed!

Cameras and fragile equipment?

You can easily take on board the kayaks any equipment that is not larger than a tablet (camera, phone, etc). However, you should provide additional waterproof protection. It is unlikely that SLR cameras can be loaded with the other equipment (fragile, cumbersome) so make sure that these have at least 2 waterproof bags.