Base camp

We have had our little paradise on private land with its own hidden access to the sea on the island of Lefkada, near the resort of Nidri since 2006. On arrival tents will be provided for you at Camping Desimi Beach.


Here we go for a kayak expedition!Every year we have improved the comfort of the base camp and the beach is only 50 m away. Enjoy a drink in our bar overlooking the turquoise waters of our natural saltwater swimming pool…There is a small Savoyard chalet with an open-air kitchen… enticing smells of grilled food with herbs and spices from the garden, delicious Mediterranean flavours!

Equipment and planning:

Kayak fleet


– Fleet of approximately twenty DAG single or double kayaks (Miwok – Ysak – biwok) less than four years old; custom-made wooden Greenland paddles (Alpine paddle) and adjustable Carbon Select X-One paddles.
– Speedboat to ensure safety during the big crossings and for intervention in almost all circumstances.
– 15-year-old eco-friendly pickup truck for logistical operations.
– Workshop truck, grocery shop, luggage storage, garage…
– Rescue network of sea and land partners ready to provide all support whenever required.